Meet Your Chef

I have been thinking about food since I was old enough to make memories. I remember having strong opinions about how my hot cereal was prepared even before I went to kindergarten (much to my mother’s frustration), and I was always picky about how my meat was cooked. As I grew older, I made cakes and cookies with my mom. When I was about 8 years old, we went to a Chinese restaurant, and I was amazed by the greens in my won ton soup. That experience started my love of spinach (my family said it was spinach, but it was probably Bok Choy. The flavors are similar, though, and I still love both). At 14, I had my first fine dining experience and discovered that escargots are a treat despite their appearance. At 17, I visited France for the first time and fell in love with French food, a cuisine that is still among my favorites. All that interest in food had me cooking even before my college years.

Once the Food Network came out in the mid ‘90s, I started cooking very seriously. And I haven’t stopped. My food obsession has grown and grown. I love cooking food, reading about food, talking about food, watching television shows about food, and especially trying different types of food and wine. Nevertheless, I spent many years working in corporate IT. Eventually I decided that the time was right for a career change. Once I found out about being a personal chef, the Flavor Connection, LLC was born.

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel extensively for both business and for pleasure. I’ve been to several countries in western Europe and all over southeast Asia. I’ve visited South Africa and Australia. Once I even took a cooking vacation in Tuscany. We’d tour the area during the day and then cook traditional Italian foods in the evenings. I still make a scrumptious Pasta Carbonara that I learned on that trip. I’ve also spent extended stays in China and France. Any time life has sent me to a new place, I have made it a point to sample local dishes and seek out any cooking demonstrations I can find.

Oddly enough, when I have lived alone, I have not cooked much for myself. But I did relish eating out in company and jumped at every opportunity to cook for friends and family. For me, food is something to be enjoyed with or by others. My ultimate job satisfaction comes when I create meals that give you pleasure and make your life easier.

I am a proud member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association and subscribe to their code of ethics (click here for code of ethics). I am also certified in safe food handling by ServSafe and the State of Ohio. The Flavor Connection, LLC is registered with the State of Ohio and is fully insured.