Welcome to The Flavor Connection,LLC

Welcome to The Flavor Connection, a Personal Chef Service, where I create delicious dinners your way on your schedule.

The Flavor Connection, LLC is a personal chef service. My name is Christina Hughes, and I am your chef. I will plan menus that meet your household’s taste and dietary requirements, shop for the freshest ingredients, cook several meals in the safety of your own kitchen, package the meals to fit your needs and clean up after myself. Foods will be labeled, and I will leave you detailed instructions for heating the meals. When I leave, the only evidence that I was in your home will be your fully stocked fridge or freezer and the enticing smell of freshly prepared food. I even bring my own cooking equipment.

The service is called a personal chef service because it is just that: personal. The service is customized to your unique needs. Don’t like mushrooms? No problem. Mushrooms will never cross your threshold. Like spicy food? You’ll get the heat you crave. Want to take a culinary tour of the world? Or maybe you want old standby comfort foods. Whatever it is that tickles your palate, that is what I will prepare for you. Even the packaging can be customized. For example, you can have family style portions, single serve portions or portions for two. It's all up to you.

My service is perfect for:

  • Busy families with lots of activities
  • Career-oriented singles
  • Working couples
  • New parents
  • Anyone who wants to eat fresh, home-cooked food

The Flavor Connection, LLC is registered with the State of Ohio. I am certified in safe food handling and am fully insured. The Flavor Connection, LLC is located in Westfield Township, OH and serves Ashland, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Elyria, Lodi, Mansfield, Massillon, Medina, Seville, Wadsworth and Wooster.

You’re having a busy day, week, month, life. You want to serve home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, but all that cooking takes so much time. Not to mention the shopping and clean up. I can help!